Armando Nava Biography

Born at Octuber 12, 1940 in the port of Mazatlán in the state of Sinaloa in México. Painter Armando Nava is one of the most prestige plastic artist in all of Sinaloa. He is an expert drawer and magisterial colorer. His work is part of a lot of private and public collections in México and many foreign countries.

He is a master in the genre of portrait and lanscape, Armando Nava is the maker of a style that deepen in the psicology of the models in his portraits and emphasize the faultless trace in his landscapes, Originating a harmonious plastic synthesis that captivates all the viewers of his art.

In the path of his artistic career, he hosted more than 30 individual expositions and has participated in almost 50 collective exhibitions in México, the United States and South America. He showed his portraits in galleries and museums like the "Bellas Artes" Palace in México city and the Museum of Arts in Sinaloa.

Parallel of his artistic creation, Armando Nava has kept an strong passion in training and teaching of youths about art. He was the director of Plastic Arts in the house of the culture of the INBA in Mazatlán city. Even today he continues offering classes in his private studio.

Armando Nava achieved a lot of public awards and good comments from specialists reviewers. The poet Carlos Pellicer said: "He is an important character. His knowledge of drawings accomplish a worker of true consideration".

He painted the collection of portraits of all the Sinaloa Governors, from 1912 to 1992, from a request of the Sinaloa State Goverment.

Actually he is a member of the Mexican Asociation of "Acuarelistas", The American Society of Portrait and The Portrait Society of America.

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